‘over-ready’ Buhari resumes work

The Vice Presidentof Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo says President Muhammadu Buhari is “over-ready” to resume work.

Mr. Buhari returned from medical vacation in London, UK, last Friday and told stunned government officials that he had never been so sick.

Mr. Osinbajo, who acted as president for more than a month that Mr. Buhari was away, briefed the president on Monday.

The meeting, which began at about 12 p.m., lasted for over an hour.

Mr. Osinbajo later told state House correspondents that he met with the president to bring him “up to speed on some of the things done while he was away”.

He said the president took advantage of the briefing to give “a few directives on what we should be doing; the north east, the budget, the economy, basically wide range of issues”.

Mr. Buhari’s spokesperson, Femi Adesina, had earlier said in a statement that the president had signed a letter notifying the National Assembly of his return and resumption of duties.

Mr. Osinbajo confirmed that the letter had already been sent to the National

“The president has resumed, and he is doing very well,” he said.

On whether the president appeared strong enough to carry put the task of his office, Mr. Osinbajo said “he has held a meeting with me for well over an hour where we discussed a wide range of issues, so his readiness wasn’t even in doubt at all. I think he is over ready,” he said.

Mr. Osinbajo told reporters that he was reverting “back to my regular position as Vice President”.

On the president’s view of his (Osinbajo) performance as acting President, Mr. Osinbajo simply said, “I think the president was reasonably satisfied”.

He said all decisions he took as acting president received the approval of the president.

“The president is always giving me several responsibilities, but what we must always recognise is that the way this administration works has always been one of team work,” he said.

“There is very little that is done without the president’s clearance. Even these responsibilities that are constitutional, we have full discussions on them and reach agreement on a lot of these issues.

“Practically everything; I discuss fully with him and have his endorsement before we go on and do it,” he said.

The president left for the UK on January 19 for medical vacation.

While he admitted being very ill, details of his health condition are still kept under wraps.


Source: Premium Times

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