Roshi Motman got her dream fulfilled in Ghana

Roshi Motman joined Tigo in April 2014, after almost ten years with various companies within the Kinnevik Group, a key investor in Millicom, operator of Tigo Ghana Limited. 

She was also named second on the Swedin’s list of 75 young and promising women.

Since her adolescence, Roshi had always dreamt about Africa and had the desire to visit the continent someday.

“I’ve always dreamt of Africa since I was a little girl”.

“God brought me here,” she convincingly believes and shared her story in a chat with Joy FM’s Kojo Yankson on the ‘The Movers’ series on the Super Morning Show.

She is in her fourth year serving as Chief Executive Officer for Tigo Ghana and believes “people should not walk around with two or three phones”.

“It doesn’t happen in any part of the world”.



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