Ghanaian businesses must strategize over Brexit – UK/Ghana Chamber

The UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce has ruled out any significant impact on Ghana’s economy with regards to the outcome of the UK election.

The general election ended in a hung Parliament, where no party secured the 326 seats needed to get an overall majority in the House of Commons.

In an interview with Citi Business News, the CEO of the UK Ghana Chamber of Commerce, Tony Burkson said Ghana’s economy is not likely to be affected by the outcome of the election.

“Policy wise I think the current government in Ghana has a very pro UK attitude and I think a lot of companies of businesses in the UK have a very positive view of Ghana. When you speak to UK businesses, Ghana is always raised as a really interesting destination for business leaders and for companies looking to enter into the European market; I think that would continue I don’t see any change”, Mr. Burkson said.

He however advised Ghanaian businesses to take advantage of the UK’s eventual exit from the European Union since they would be looking for new trade partners to establish business ties with.

“Where I think probably this gives Ghana an opportunity will be for Ghana to look to the UK as a partner and begin to want to do more trade with the UK because the UK is definitely coming out of the EU and there will be a big opportunity with UK firms looking for new partners and Ghanaian companies also looking for new partners to do business with”.

Meanwhile in an address to the press shortly after a meeting with the Queen of England, Theresa May stated that she is committed to creating a society that provides equal opportunities for all.

“I have just gone to see Her Majesty; the Queen and I will now form a government, one that can provide certainty and lead our country through this difficult time and guide Britain through the crucial brexit talks that begins in just ten days,” she remarked.

“The government I lead will put fairness and opportunity at the heart of everything we do and build a community in which no one is left behind,” Theresa May assured.


Source: CitiBusinessNews

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