Parliament invites US Embassy over deportation of Ghanaians

The Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament has invited the United States Embassy in Ghana over recent reports of deportation of some Ghanaians from the US.

The two are expected to hold the meeting later today [Thursday, June 22, 2017].

It is reported that, about 75 Ghanaians deportees arrived in Ghana last week from the US, after authorities found them to be living illegally in that country.

In November 2017, another set of 108 Ghanaians were also deported. It is unclear if the recent deportation is as a result of the immigration policy of current US President Donald Trump.

US Ambassador to Ghana -Robert P. Jackson
US Ambassador to Ghana -Robert P. Jackson

The US Ambassador to Ghana, Robert P. Jackson, is expected to answer questions from Members of Parliament on the Committee.

Earlier in May, the Robert Jackson indicated that, at least one hundred Ghanaians had already been deported, and said many others were also expected back home.

“I would say roughly 100 have returned so far this year. More will be returning – it is a constant process. There will probably be a charter aircraft coming with some Ghanaians in the next few weeks. Almost every week we see a few leave voluntarily so its is a process that is ongoing,” he said.

He added that, “A few are in jail. Most of them are at liberty, but they have been informed by the immigration service that they must leave the United States.”



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