MESTI to draft science and innovation policy

The Ministry of Environment Science Technology and Innovation (MESTI) is to draft a science and innovation policy, and designing an apex body for science and technology for the country.

Environment Science Technology and Innovation (MESTI) Minister, Professor Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng, speaking at the innovation summit organised by Accra-based Citifm said: We are working very hard, working with the educational ministry, Ministry Of Trade And Industry, Ministry Of Water Resources And Hygiene, and the Ministry of Local Government to draft an innovation policy for Ghana.

He added that: “We will also set-up the Science and Innovation Fund (SIF), to help support research institutions as well as innovations in the country.”

He indicated that in research you need money, and currently the 0.25% of GDP allocated to research is not enough.

Despite this observation, the Minister stressed that science and innovation is very paramount to the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. This he said has necessitated the president to promise an increment in the percentage allocated to science and innovation to 1% of GDP.

He also urged innovators to register their innovations and have patent rights to avoid people stealing their ideas.

He commended the efforts of Safisana Company for recycling organic waste into biogas which is used to power electric generators.

Safisana is the first grid-connected biogas in Ghana and the second in West Africa. Gas is also produced from the organic waste which is used to power the Ashiaman Committee

About 1000 cubic feet of gas is produced daily by the company, and this is able to generate 2 megawatt of electricity on a daily basis, which is fed into the national grade.

About 30 tons of organic waste is taken from Ashiaman community daily to produce power by the company. Other innovations were also presented at the summit.

The event was attended by innovators from various sectors, senior managers from telecom giant MTN, and government officials.



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