Trust Hospital launches “Well Baby” Service for new-borns

The Trust Mother & Child, the maternity branch of the Trust Hospital Company Ltd has launched a ground-breaking service dubbed “Well Baby” at a ceremony in Accra on July 8.

“Well Baby” seeks to improve on the early detection of common diseases among new-born children and the prevention of their complications.  New-borns will be thoroughly screened for certain harmful or potentially fatal disorders that are not otherwise apparent at birth.

Ghana suffers from a high infant mortality rate due to common diseases, many of which are preventable.

Dr. Frederick Boahene, a respected paediatrician who spoke at the launch, praised and recommended this innovative service as being the first of a kind in Ghana and Africa as a whole. He added that “we want to give parents some of these unique opportunities to be able to identify some conditions early so that our babies will not end up with lifelong defects”.

The “Well Baby” service will screen and detect 15 other diseases aside the normal eye & ear screening, metabolic and new-born related diseases like the sickle cell. The service will also deliver laboratory information on new born babies within seven working days.

Dr. Darius Osei, the General Manager for the Trust Hospital Company Ltd, in assuring that Trust Hospitals provide the right care and leadership in baby development in the country, indicated that early detection and prevention will go a long way in saving parents the cost of taking care of a sick ward throughout his or her life.

The Mother & Child Hospital is located in Tiokor House Troas Cres, Osu.


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