Unilever launches Pepsodent Sensitive Expert

Unilever Ghana Limited, the manufacturer of household brands like Pepsodent, Keysoap and Lipton, has launched a new toothpaste for people with sensitive teeth. The new product, called Pepsodent Sensitive Expert, comes in three variants – Original, Gumcare, and Whitening, and offers rapid relief and prolonged protection from discomfort associated with sensitivity.

Pepsodent sensitive expert works by using a unique formula to repair, relieve and protect; Hydroxyapatite repairs early damage that causes sensitivity, Potassium citrate offers pain relief, and Zinc citrate and Vitamin E strengthen gums.

‘All over the world, an increasing number of people are suffering from sensitivity, and we now have a product that identifies the root cause of sensitivity, repairs the damage, and provides rapid relief and prolonged protection”, the Pepsodent brand team said in a statement.

Unilever and the Ghana Dental Association have a long-standing partnership that has been sustained for years, and the company used the occasion of the 26th Annual General Congress of the GDA to outdoor the product.

The highlight of the launch was an interactive discussion on the growing issue of mouth sensitivity in Ghana. Leading professionals shared their expectations of the performance of the new Pepsodent Sensitive Expert and entreated Unilever to ensure the product was widely available to benefit many Ghanaians.

The 2017 GDA congress was held at the Holiday Inn hotel on the theme ‘Enhancing dentistry; media as a tool’.


Source: B&FT

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