UT, Capital Bank websites redirected to BoG page

The websites of UT Bank and the Capital bank have been redirected to a web page on the Bank of Ghana website offering FAQs, following their collapse and takeover by GCB Bank.

The Facebook account of UT Bank, www.facebook.com/utbank.official  has also been taken down. The Capital Bank Facebook page is, however, still up.

This is the page that stands where UT Bank's Facebook page was

This is the page that stands where UT Bank’s Facebook page was

As the online presence of these two collapsed banks slowly fizzles out, the physical structure of UT Bank is also being rebranded to reflect the GCB Bank takeover.

At headquarters of UT Bank at Airport, the bank’s logo on the building has been replaced with GCB Bank’s logo.

The UT bank flag hoisted at the premises of the head office has also been replaced with that of GCB Bank.


The workers of the UT Bank were earlier in the morning of Monday prevented from accessing the facility but were later given access to the building.

The BoG revoked the licence of UT Bank and Capital Bank, which were insolvent, and unable to present a plan to dig themselves out of their liabilities and shortfalls.

The deposits of customers of the two banks will be protected by the government as the sale to GCB is finalized while customers who have failed to fulfil their loan payments obligations will be pursued.

The developments with UT Bank and Capital Bank form part of moves by the government, through the BoG to restructure the banking industry.


Source: Citi Business News

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