AmDeCo launches lnternship program for Ghanaian Unemployed Graduates

AmDeCo, a Ghanaian tech and business support organization has revealed its ambitious plan to enroll 1000 unemployed graduates in internship programs with partner organizations throughout Ghana. The program which launched in February 2018, aims at securing unemployed graduates both at the senior high and university levels with opportunities to enhance their employability while equipping them with skills relevant to the job market.

“We are thrilled to be launching our 1000 Interns programme in partnership with our new corporate partners to ultimately secure full-time jobs for all of our interns.After being selected from a multi-level recruitment process culminating in an interview, on the job training and continuous professional coaching, the interns will be challenged daily with regular targets and appraisals while being encouraged to take individual responsibility for their own career trajectory,” says Amma Gyampo, Founder of AmDeCo who has provided business advisory support to a number of Ghanaian startups and companies including Swiftly, MedRX, Malom Food, African Art Archive and eCampus.

How 1000 Interns Works:

Once successful interns have passed the rigorous interview stage, they will:

  1. Receive 1-month intensive training in their home region
  2. Receive 5-month practical on-the-job training in their home region
  3. Complete regular Performance Reviews
  4. Build a Career in a leading Ghanaian company
  5. Receive ongoing Professional Support

“We are not just looking to hit the magic number of 1000, this project is about social impact and building a pool of viable talent for the future of Ghana. We aim to ensure successful interns improve their chances of sustainable progression by starting their careers in corporate Sales & Marketing with our partner organizations,” adds Gyampo.

Prior to launching the 1000 Interns program, AmDeCo has been involved in the provision of personal development, practical business skills training and placing a number of young graduates in internship positions with local companies.

1000 Interns is a national campaign, open to all SHS and university graduates both men and women,  between the ages of  23-30.  An online recruitment application process will be followed by in-person interviews prior to being selected and ultimately hired by organizations based on performance.

Interested participants are encouraged to apply online at


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