TC Energy signs deal to start construction of 100MW energy plant

A Ghanaian Renewable Energy production firm, TC Energy is set to boost the energy sector with the construction of 100MW energy plant in Ada.

The plant to be constructed by a Swedish technology developer, Seabed Technology is expected to be completed in the next 24 months to generate electricity from sea waves.

TC Energy has therefore signed a deal with Fidelity Bank Ghana to fund the construction of the project.

In an interview after a short ceremony, Chief Executive of TC Energy, Anthony Opoku said the US$200 million project has the capacity to transform the country’s power situation.

He said, “This contract marks the culmination of a long process toward building Africa’s first utility-scale wave park, and we hope will lead to the expansion of renewable energy across Ghana and West Africa.”

Seabased wave parks produce electricity using wave energy converters which consists of buoys connected to linear generators.

It is an emerging sector in the rapidly growing renewable energy industry with the potential to provide about 80 percent of electricity generated globally.

Source: Joy Business

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