Interplast Ltd launches Ingreen Irrigation solutions

Interplast Limited, producers of high quality pipes and profiles have unveiled its new Ultra-Modern Irrigation Production Line, the first ever drip irrigation pipe manufactured in West Africa.

With this, farmers in the country should have unlimited supply of water for their crops all year long as one of the major challenges that farmers have faced is poor irrigation systems for the cultivation of crops in the absence of rain.

The system which has been named Ingreen Irrigation Solutions, will provide solutions for irrigation systems for small, medium and large farms with drip or sprinkler systems, in addition to a wide range of complimentary products.

Managing Director of Interplast Limited, Mr. Hayssam Fakhry who spoke at the launch said the system would augment the  government’s ‘One Village, One Dam’ project to boost farming output from year to year and for all seasons.

“This product, the Ingreen Drip System, is what the agricultural sector has been waiting for to become an all-year-round productive sector”.

Mr Haysaam explained that the drip irrigation system is the application of irrigation water to the roots of the plants by the use of drippers using low volumes of water, adding that the system ensures that, very little water is lost through evaporation, and their low flow allows large areas to be watered from the available water supply.

Dr Gyiele Nurah, the Minister of State, in Charge of Food and Agriculture, commended the innovative ideas of Interplast.

“This intervention is timely in addressing the link between the farmer and the farmland, making it easy to connect water to the farms, without waiting for rain”.

Dr Nurah urged other private sectors to come up with new ideas to improve the agricultural sector and ensure food security.

Speaking at the same programme, Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, the Minister of Business Development said government has supported 1,200 entrepreneurs with funding to set up businesses, of which most of them were into farming to enable them to be more productive.

“Next week, one thousand two hundred young entrepreneurs will be provided with capital to fund their businesses and a greater part of this number are those going into agriculture so that shows you the importance of agriculture to the ministry”

About Ingreen Solutions

After installing the system properly, pressurized water is released into the system, and that, once water reaches the drippers, after passing through the different irrigation system components, the drippers starts to emit water, drop by drop and the water penetrates the surface of the soil slowly and reaches the root zone of the plant.

The drip irrigation technologies help farmers to connect the irrigation network to water, and operate multiple irrigation systems from their office and receive automatically generated reports and alerts on their mobile phones or tablets.

Source: Citi Business News

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