Auditor-General blocks salaries of some head of state institutions

The Auditor-General, Daniel Domelevo has revealed that salaries of some heads of public institutions who delayed in responding to observations contained in audit reports have been frozen.

The directors of some state institutions were given up to 30 days to respond to the observations contained in an audit report on their institutions.

However, most of the directors failed to respond.

According to Mr. Domelevo, those who refused to respond to the observations on time, are those who embezzled funds from the state.

Mr. Domelevo who would not disclosed the names of the affected officials told Citi Business News, he will continue to punish those who engaged in the act.

“It falls within our mandate to stop the salary if you fail to respond to us within the 30 days and I am disallowing some from getting their salaries”, he noted.

He explained further that the move has however improved the situation as heads of public Institutions responds to the observations faster than before.

“Now my staff tell me that people respond very quickly. They say over the past two years people’s attitude have changed, because they know the consequences.”

Mr. Domellevo also disclosed that he is collaborating with the Special Prosecutor to deal with persons who have defrauded the state.

He added that “It is mind-boggling that somebody spends money, you ask him for documentation on it, he or she doesn’t have it, but three to four years down the line, all of a sudden they have documents. They are definitely document which have been falsified”, he said.

Source: Citi Business News

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