Ceiling collapses at Accra Mall

The management of the Accra Mall has confirmed that Thursday afternoon’s ceiling collapse injured three shoppers.

According the management, the injuries were minor and that all three have since received medical attention.

“They are currently under medical attention while we make sure that we run all the necessary test to ensure that there hasn’t been any injuries that are not visible to the eye,” the Marketing Manager of Accra Mall, Denise Asare said in a radio interview.

The accident happened at a part of the mall in the aisle near the I-Store and Huawei area.

Denise Asare said most stores have not been destroyed apart from kiosks that may have suffered some damage as they were in the aisle of the mall.

She explained that at the time of the incident, “we evacuated the mall to ensure that all patrons were safe… Currently, as it stands, the mall is operational, just that a section has been cordoned off,” she said.

The marketing manager said shops at the other side of the mall are “currently trading.”

She said the cordoned off area will remain so until Saturday morning. “We are hopeful we can have the entire mall fully operational by Saturday morning.”


“We are currently undergoing an investigation to understand the cause of the collapse and inform the public,” she said in a Citi FM interview.

“We have our engineers, architects, we have also the NADMO [National Disaster Management Organisation] operatives and the Ghana Police Service all on hand.”

She disagreed with a suggestion that the entire mall ought to be closed down for a thorough assessment.

“I can confirm to you that the Accra Mall is structurely sound and the need to close down the entire mall is not necessary. However, as we do not understand how this has happened, a full audit of the roof would be taken and like I said, investigate and inform the public about the findings.”

Source: Graphic Online

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