GCNet boss lauds GRA action against some freight forwarders

The Ghana Community Network Limited (GCNet) has lauded the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) for revoking the licenses of some freight forwarders.

The Executive Chairman of the Network, Dr Nortey Omaboe said malfeasance by the freight forwarders is set back from the country’s desire to achieve a seamless paperless system.

He was speaking at the World Summit Awards meeting organized by GCNet in Accra which brought a group of experts to revenue innovation projects in Ghana and across the world.

Recently, the Customs division of the Authority revoked the operating warrant of 20 freight forwarders for falsifying the ports of loading document from India to other countries.

Dr Omaboe said the laws have to be complied with so the GRA should not be seen as doing anything bad by revoking those warrants.

“When you disregard the law and believe that you can get away because you are connected, know people or you are from a particular party, it does not augur well for the whole process of revenue collection,” he said.

Lauding the Authority for their efforts, he advised players in the industry to comply with the laws of the land so their businesses will thrive.

Source: Joy Business

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