Ghana Beyond Aid hinges on a broad tax base

Ahead of the 2019 budget reading on Thursday, November 15, President Nana Addo Dankwa AkufoAddo has hinted that his government will continue to implement tax measures to broaden the tax base in the country.

Speaking on a panel discussion at the 2018 Africa Investment Forum in South Africa, President AkufoAddo bemoaned the low number of tax payers in Ghana.

According to him, his government will not be able to achieve its objective of a Ghana Beyond Aid if it fails to broaden the country’s tax net.

“Less than 6 percent of our people are part of the tax paying population of the country. 1.5 million people pay tax in Ghana, a figure which is not acceptable. It is not feasible because the state itself doesn’t have the capacity to be able to ensure that the people that need to be in the tax net are in the tax net. That’s a major focus of my government.”

The president stated that all efforts are being put in place to widen the tax base to raise more revenue.

“We’re talking in Ghana of a Ghana Beyond Aid. But if only 6 percent of our people are within the tax net that already poses a major structural problem. So that’s an important focus for my government.”

The President left Ghana on Tuesday for South Africa to participate in the Africa Investment Forum, at the invitation of the African Development Bank.

Source: Citi Business News

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