Porsche launches third generation Cayenne in Accra

Porsche, a luxury automobile manufacturing firm has launched its third generation Cayenne in Accra.

The firm says while it seeks to inculcate the feeling of the Porsche brand in the minds of Ghanaians, it is also looking at contributing more to the economy.

The Chief Executive of Porsche Centre Ghana, Subhi Accad, said, “When it comes to cars, it’s very important to look at the cars made for countries so for Porsche, it’s very important, for example, those cars that you see here, they are cars that are manufactured for Ghana and Africa; they are different from the ones that are imported from the States.”

Mr Accad spoke to JoyBusiness at the official launch of the third generation of Porsche Cayenne (Porsche Cayenne E3).

The arrival of the brand’s flagship SUV was celebrated at a special event held by Porsche Centre Ghana, Universal Motors Ltd., where the Cayenne was showcased to attending guests, including, the Minister for Trade and Industry, Alan Kyeremateng who was the special guest of honour.

About New Cayenne

The latest generation of Porsche’s SUV model line allows customers to choose from variants right from the start: the Cayenne, Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo.

The new Cayenne still has its racetrack roots and offers greater versatility and more performance than ever before.

Powerful turbocharged engines, enhanced chassis systems, a range of off-road modes and a sharper design underpin the model’s credentials as a true sports car in its segment. Additional enhancements to the latest generation also include intelligent assistance systems and more connectivity features aimed at offering the improved driver and passenger comfort.

Subhi Accad said, “Since its initial launch, the Cayenne has been one of the most popular models in Ghana, and I have no doubt that the third generation, which offers even more sports car performance and practicality, will continue this success story.”

The New Porsche has also got a bold new design evolution, new driving models, more dynamic performance and improved agility with a performance-driven engine.

Source: Joy Business

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