Man Capital Partners investors give company 2-week ultimatum

Customers at Man Capital Partners of Ho have given the owners and Board of Directors of the company a two-week ultimatum to pay them their monies or face court action. 

The customers who invested huge sums of money last year hoping to make profit on their monies said they have made efforts to retrieve their monies without success.

“Our hard-earned money was used to buy estates in Dubai and a yogurt factory in Madina” they lamented.

They are calling on authorities and the assistant commissioner of police, Madame Yaa, who is the director, to take action on the matter.

According to the leader of the group, Amino Mawuse Kporha, it has been difficult to reach the CEO, Michael Allan Asare, to address the grievances which has been a great worry to them all.

“We want to state on record that his numbers are not going through and we don’t even know if he has traveled outside the country or in the country.”

 The group also accused Asare for using monies on properties outside the country.  They are calling on the government and authorities concerned to help retrieve their monies.

Man Capital Partners launched the company in Ho last Apil with mouth- watering offers to the customers, but closed down to the disappointment of its clients.

Source: Joy Business

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