Conference Overview


Theme: ‘Harnessing Strategic Opportunities in the Ghana-China Economies for Mutual Benefits’.

Date and Venue
On hold now ; Tang Palace Hotel, Accra | 7 am – 6pm

Summit fee
Cost of participation at the summit is GHS500 per delegate (Local), and US$200 (Foreign).

Cost of Exhibiting/Exhibition stands
Price of a stand at the exhibition is GHS3,000 per stand (Ghanaian), and US$750 (Foreign).

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China is Ghana’s largest trading partner, registering between them US$6.6 billion trade volume, up 18.2 percent on year-on-year basis, last year.

China’s non-financial direct investment inflows into Ghana also hit 174 million dollars, ranking 4th in Africa.

By this, the investment stock of China in Ghana rose to 1.3 billion US dollars.

Ghana’s exports to China have also increased significantly over the years, rising to 86.7 per cent, against the backdrop of decrease in total international trade.

Still, it is not all picture-perfect relationship. Issues in Ghana’s mining sector involving Chinese small-scale miners who flout Ghana’s laws by engaging in illegal mining activities continue to linger. There are also concerns in Ghana’s retail trade sector, where Chinese citizens flout Ghana’s investment laws by being actively involved in that sector of the country’s economy that Ghana’s laws reserve exclusively for Ghanaians.

The Ghana-China Business Summit & Exhibition, GCBSE

The Ghana-China Business Summit & Exhibition, GCBSE aims to consolidate the burgeoning Ghana-China trade relation and evolve it to incrementally meet the two countries’ mutual economic interest.

While the overall aim is to improve access to both China’s and Ghana’s markets to imports from each other, primary attention shall be on improving access to the Chinese market for Ghanaian exports.

The GCBSE will bring Ghanaian and Chinese entrepreneurs together to interact in a friendly ambience; and, will showcase latest improvements in products from each other’s markets.  All stakeholders desirous of furthering Ghana-China trade relations, including government leaders from Ghana and China, officials of the Chinese Embassy in Ghana, Chinese investors in Ghana and Ghanaian entrepreneurs eyeing the Chinese market shall be represented at the GCBSE.

Issues at Stake

  1. Quality control and problem of fake Chinese goods;
  2. Illegal mining: issues and perspectives;
  3. Investment opportunities and foreigners’ exclusion from Ghana’s retail trade sector;
  4. Mutually beneficial solutions/strategies to revamping Ghana’s textiles industry;
  5. Curtailing problem of illegal Chinese immigration into Ghana;
  6. The tax net vis-a-vis incentives for Chinese investors in Ghana;
  7. Ghanaian exporters and access to China’s market;
  8. Enhanced trade through transfer of Chinese technology to Ghana;
  9. Chinese investors and the challenge of land acquisition in Ghana;
  10. Ghana’s fledgling oil industry: any lessons from China?
  11. How safe are Chinese investments in Ghana?
    l. Deepening Ghana-China friendship: any role for arts and culture?


  • Every Chinese business person at the summit/exhibition shall have a match-make with a Ghanaian clearing agent who shall facilitate the entry of his goods into Ghana;
  • Every Chinese business person at the summit/exhibition gets an early-bird opportunity of sealing deals directly with Ghanaian importers for imports into Ghana;
  • The summit shall establish a direct line of communications between Chinese exporters and Ghanaian regulatory agencies with possible dedicated service desks; and,
  • The summit/exhibition shall strengthen a two-way flow in Ghana-China trade.