Theme & Objectives


The Ghana-China Business Summit & Exhibition, GCBSE aims to,

  1. Consolidate the burgeoning Ghana-China trade relation and evolve it to incrementally meet the two countries’ mutual economic interest;
  2. Create a platform for direct interaction with the hierarchy of agencies mediating access like the Embassy of China to Ghana, Ghana Food and drugs Authority, Ghana Revenue Authority and Ghana Standards Authority will bring clarity to issues;
  3. Provide relevant participants with referral contacts in the event of abuse. The relevant participants can make pleas by themselves to these authorities for some waivers, if need be.
Target Audience

The GCBSE will bring Ghanaian and Chinese entrepreneurs together to interact in a friendly ambience; and, will showcase latest improvements in products from each other’s markets.  All stakeholders desirous of furthering Ghana-China trade relations, including government leaders from Ghana and China, officials of the Chinese Embassy in Ghana, Chinese investors in Ghana and Ghanaian entrepreneurs eyeing the Chinese market shall be represented at the GCBSE.

Specifically, members of business membership organisations, including, Ghana-China Chamber of Commerce, Ghana-China Friendship Society, Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Private Enterprise Foundation (PEF), Ghana Small- and Middle-scale Enterprises Association, Federation of Ghana Exporters (FAGE), Ghana Shippers’ Association, Ghana Clearing and Forwarders Association, Ghana Investments Promotion Authority, Ghana Export Promotion Authority; Minister/Ministry of Trade, Ghana; Minister/Ministry of Finance, Ghana; Ghanaian businesses/people with interest in China trade; Her Excellency, China’s Ambassador to Ghana; Trade Counsellor, Chinese Embassy, Accra; 1 visiting keynote speaker from China for every quarter; CEOs of major Chinese companies in Ghana; Significant Chinese investors in Ghana; Leaders of the Chinese community in Ghana


GCBSE 2017 partners include the Ghana Investments Promotion Center (GIPC), National Board for Small-Scale Industries (BNSSI), Government of Ghana, Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI), Ministry of Finance (MOF), Association of Ghanaian Industries (AGI), Private Enterprises Federation (PEF), Federation of Ghanaian Exporters (FAGE), Ghana Free Zones Board (GFZB), among others.

Why Ghana and China?
  • The volume of trade between Ghana and China from January to March this year (2016) has hit 1.8 billion dollars, making Ghana the 6th highest trade partner of China on the African continent.
  • Ghana’s export volume was around 400 million dollars, up 10.62 percent compared to the previous years.
  • China’s non-financial direct investment inflows into Ghana hit 44.43 million US dollars, ranking 5th in that of Africa and number one in that of West and Central Africa.
  • Behind the figures are incredible trade cooperation between the two countries that is growing at a fast pace, making Ghana a strategic partner to Chinese businesses.
  • Though China went through some economic challenges in recent times it rather recorded high trade volumes with Ghana.
  • Currently, the recovery of the world economy is sluggish with commodities and financial markets experiencing volatility.
  • Growth prospects of developed and emerging economies are diverging; and geopolitical risks and destabilizing factors are both on the rise”
  • China and Ghana are not exempted from the harsh global situation but the two nations can rely on each country’s strength through economic partnership to overcome the downturn.
  • The Chinese government puts development as its top priority for development which are innovation, coordination, green growth, opening up and sharing, and structural reforms.
  • In terms of trade volume between Ghana and China, China is the largest trading nation of Ghana. In 2015, China-Ghana trade volume registered 6.6 billion US dollars, up 18.2 percent on year-on-year basis and ranked 6th in Africa.
  • China’s non-financial direct investment inflows into Ghana hit 174 million dollars, ranking 4th in Africa.
  • The investment stock of China in Ghana was 1.3 billion US dollars.
  • The value of China’s newly signed contracts in Ghana reached around 1.3 billion US dollars, making it the 14th most invested in that area by the Chinese.